Columbo (and Mrs)

"Shaken, not stirred", "We're the Sweeney, son - and we haven't had any dinner" and all that jazz.

Re: Columbo (and Mrs)

Postby Cygnus Prime » Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:14 pm

Heccypoo wrote:
Cygnus Prime wrote:
Heccypoo wrote:If someone was to make a new Columbo film/series, Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner in the MARVEL films) would be a brilliant choice...

I'll get me raincoat...

No need to get your coat, Heccypoo - as other people have had that very idea - to the point where Ruffalo once got tackled about swirling rumours regarding him taking the role...... :)

Do it UNIVERSAL... Just keep Mofftwit & Gormless away from it... 8-)

Hear hear! :)
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