Private Eye claims "No full series of Doctor Who in 2016"

Re: Private Eye claims "No full series of Doctor Who in 2016

Postby cyberlad » Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:06 pm

I've seen him on Question Time and having seen some terrible guests on there he was the worst.
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Re: Private Eye claims "No full series of Doctor Who in 2016

Postby LizR » Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:42 am

The Krynoid man wrote:
cyberlad wrote:Incorrect I was referring to Horowitz.

How is he a smug carrot strangler?

He certainly didn't give that impression at the Auckland Writers' Festival. He gave the appearance of being fairly humble for someone who has done as much as he has, if not quite in the same class of humility (and perhaps humanity) as Alexander McCall Smith. But nevertheless he came across as a thoroughly nice bloke. I wasn't actually expecting that much from him - the writer of "Alex Rider" and "Foyle's War" didn't necessarily seem like someone I'd expect to come across as charming and genuine - but as a result of listening to him being interviewed I promptly bought "Moriarty" and "The House of Silk", and wasn't disappointed. (But obviously I can only go by my personal experiences. I didn't know much about him beforehand, and for all I know he may be completely different when not in front of a capacity audience.)
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