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I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But faced with one season over two years when he claims it's his dream job since childhood, gimme a break! RTD is the fan super-producer. This guy? Seems like he couldn't give a s**t.

Would love to be proved wrong in this assumption. Whatever we say about Russell, he gave 100 % and then some. Unless I'm so wrong, and believe me I want to be, Steve just simply hasn't. Has he? I LOVE with dancing girls and everything, the stuff he gave us before he took over. AND I wanted as much as anyone for it to be him when RTD gave it up. But OMG, as they say now. Talk about short thrift.

He's done some good. Eleventh Hour, Asylum are both wonderful, but gosh he's let us down. Mainly with this one season over two years crap. That's my feeling. But I'll give him his due. He talks about the "boring guy down the pub", and that's exactly what I am right now, 'cause I've just come back from a pleasant afternoon!

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