Rate The Beast Below

Rate The Beast Below

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7/10 for me, some problems here and there but overall solid. Love the new scanner screen and Matt Smith is The Doctor for me in a way that Eccleston and Tennant simply never were.

Lovely stuff.
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Gorkle wrote: But it was still an awful solution
Oops ... clear as mud ... what I meant was: "An awful decision for the Doctor to have to make", not "An awful solution to the plot".

Tricky chap, Johnny Articulate.

the hood
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I really enjoyed it, I thought there was a element of the creature from the pit & the sunmakers plus a healthy dose of something original from the great Mr Moffat.
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I'm really pleased with the way things are going, good storytelling, good characterisaton from the leads - and a fear factor that i'm afraid I just don't have anymore. BUT I had a 7 year old with us who was watching the smilers between her fingers

to be a child again and feel that fear from Who

thats the old magic
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I heard Chapwithwings actually watched it and gave it an 8 out of 10!
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9/10 for me again - a very nice story. Brilliantly executed, and delightfully acted by all concerned.

But worth the high mark for one fabulous line:

"Im the bloody Queen mate. Basically, I rule."
xylok b
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I would be reluctant to say he is better than Tennant, Tennant is a first class actor, but Matt is certainly on Par with Tennant and he is the Doctor, you cannot deny it now, all he needs is his first encounter with oh, the daleks....

But all in all a Magical story...
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Victor wrote: Nah, he won't get anything. If you've ever read the synopsis of the Space Whale story that DWM published years ago, you'd see that there's pretty much no similarity between the two, other than they both feature big whale-like creatures that live in space, but then Star Trek has done those as well. They've been a staple of lots of sci-fi over the years.
DWM have just done a bit about the original in the run up to the Big Finish release. There are enough differences I suppose but not enough to stop me thinking "If this turns out to be a space whale I'll scream" while I was watching it.
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The Great One
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Well I think this series is shaping up to be fantastic. I found The Beast Below to be sad, laugh out loud funny (being covered in sick) and mysterious. The story was intriguing and Matt had real Gravitas when telling Amy off he really has the feel of Troughton to me really whimsical at times and not shouty.

I really think we all have a lot to look forward to and is anyone else adjusting to weekly episodes I am so used to seeing one episode then a big gap after lastyear that weekly episodes is like getting an overdose of my favourite programme.


We're whalers on the moon
We carry a harpoon...

Space Is An Ocean. This is a well-known phenomenon. For some reason, though, the ocean is pretty much devoid of fish.

But not of whales.

Somehow, at some point (probably in the 1970s), the ideas of space and whales became permanently interwoven in the collective unconscious. Why? No one really knows, but here is some wild speculation:

* In 1971, scientists aroused interest in whalesong, which is sufficiently eerie and psychedelic. It's an otherworldly sound that combines well with visuals of galaxies and false-color nebulae.
* Space and whales also made great blacklight posters.
* They're already really big, so why not scale up?
* Pictures from the deep ocean also look kind of like space. Or at least something you could describe as "alien".
* Space Is An Ocean, after all. It'd be a damn shame not to have gigantic creatures making endless voyages through the void, wouldn't it?
* Whales become even more interesting when they are Recycled In Space
* Rule Of Cool.
* Drugs

But nevermind the whys and wherefores, space and whales are just two great tastes that taste great together. Bonus points are awarded if the whale in question is also a Living Ship.

A planet-bound variant of the Space Whale is the Air Whale. Whales are basically shaped like blimps with fins anyway, so it makes visual sense (if you hate gravity, and really, who doesn't?).

See also Dolphins Dolphins Everywhere, Flying Seafood Special.
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The Buccaneer
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Can anybody tell me why they used a 'Brachaki' Police Box in the confidential titles?
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Gave it a 7/10 on first viewing ,but i'm sure the story will grow on me (Loved the Test card F Style monitor in the lift :D )
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I find myself inevitably comparing these new Season 31 episodes to RTD-era ones -
and this one did seem kinda familiar/samey in some respects, reminding me of things like 'The Long Game', "New Earth', and that one after Rose where they first met the Face of Boe (what was that called...?)

However in many of the fine details, I find these Moffat episodes definite improvements on their RTD analogues -
less soapy Hollyoaksness, less chavvy-companion,
far more rigour to the plots, absence of Davies-ex-machinas,
and lots of intelligent little nuggets and twists in the scripts (e.g. when the Doctor explained his reasoning about why the crying child was significant, or "Liz 10" being the monarch)

Some nice design elements (the porcelain-faced guards in the booths were very effective),
and the "Protest"/"Forget" buttons were nice concepts.

So, basically, I fairly enjoyed watching, and got a sense of "this is getting better!" (as I really had begun to NOT enjoy RTD's last few).
Stylistically, it's still not QUITE to my taste (I'd much prefer serials with cliffhangers than shoehorning everything into just over 40 minutes), and Murray Gold's mawkish Disney guff continues to shoot the atmospherics in the foot, for instance..... but to me it's like we're on BBC 2 now, and heading in the direction of BBC4 ;)
Dobey Kweeg
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I still think having so many one parters ion the series is a throwbck to the times before the relaunch, when they were scared they were going to scare away viewers with two parters. Surely, we've got beyond that and can drop a a couple of them ech season in favour of extending some of the other stories to suit. Not that they havent done good 1 parters, but the good one parters tned to be the little experimental uns - whatever problems i ahve with teh execution, love and monsters was a good idea for a one aprter, as was Midnight, Blink and even Turn Left, which annoyed me immensely, but not because of the length of it. When they try and cram a "trad" tale into the 45 minutes, it always seems to be with something lost that even an extra 10 minutes might have been enough to cover for.
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Horn.... don't forget Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home with its whale and whale probe-centric plot.
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Oh Tom. You and your double entendres.
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I have watched it 5 times now!

Next week looks even better :VoidStuff:
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Mike Nuttall
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I really enjoyed this episode.

It was thoughtful, pacy, intelligent and fun.

Matt Smith is just great in the role, much much better than I hoped he'd be, and I love that bumbling Second Doctor quality he has, combined with a little of the First Doctor's irritability. Lovely!

Steven Moffat's interpretation of the programme is turning out to be a pleasant revelation, it's serious and dramatic but it's clear he has a good sense of humour under that apparently solemn Scottish exterior.

Next week's episode looks amazing...

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ianj wrote: the music is sh*te
Oh you are a tiresome old queen.

But doesn't our new forum now look FABULOUS.

Pity it didn't start out so fabulous, then we'd have all had a much calmer time of it.
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I'm thinking now Matt Smith has the potential to become my second favorite doctor after Troughton! :Tardis:
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Absolutely bloody stunningly brilliant episode and wonderful series so far.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are the strongest Doctor companion relationship for almost 40 years.

Came over here for some sanity after reading a lot of the bilge on GB. Seems like one person moaned and then everyone else just started bitching.

I watched the episode with open eyed wonder and really am enjoying where we are at the moment with Doctor Who. Takes the best of the classic series and melds its beautifully with the best of post 2005.
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