It’s November and for Nick and Simon it’s all about Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary as they return with another Doctor Who Pubcast.

After the announcement of the recovery of The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World episodes last month, the boys have a Skype chat to discuss the possibility of more episodes being returned and, of course, their expectations for the 50th anniversary. (Please be aware that the audio quality of parts of their Skype chat may not be up to the usual standard).

They also try their hand at doing an audio commentary and what better story to cover in this special month than the 1993 30th Anniversary story, Dimensions in Time 3D – high camp adventure awaits!

If you would like to watch along with the boys then click this handy youtube type link thing but please note both of them refused to comment on the “bad Noel Edmonds bits so you’ll have to skip through them”.

To finish Nick and Simon talk about 10 of the things they most like about Doctor Who.

What will they say? Well listen to find out.

Thanks to Nick Headley

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