Bill Evenson, Robert Franks and Greg Bakun are the life-long Doctor Who fans behind a podcast calling itself The Others.

The Others review DVD releases, share their insights into the ongoing missing episodes omni-rumour saga, their thoughts on new episodes and provide their own commentaries for stories from the programme’s classic era.

The Others website says:

We are life-long fans of Doctor Who. We know what we like and are not afraid to say what we don’t like. We know what a time-vector generator is and how many times Eileen Way appeared in the series (and yes, THAT one counts). We know our Adrics’s to our Zoe’s and Hartnell’s to Capaldi’s; our Delgado’s to Simms and our Kilgariff’s to Banks. We love every story with a ‘G’ in the story code along with every ‘Planet of…’ We may not always share the mainstream view of the series but any criticism we make is because we care deeply about this show.

We want to talk about Doctor Who and we invite you to listen. We are The Others.

These guys really love Doctor Who and their enthusiasm makes this podcast one of the best ones around and well worth checking out.


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