What does it mean to be a fan? What does it feel like? Why do we do it? Why are we drawn to other fans?

All these questions and many more are posed by Cameron K McEwan of Blogtor Who fame in his new documentary Who’s Changing.

Easily of the quality of documentaries broadcast on the BBC, this looks at the history of fandom, from the very first convention back in 1977 to the mega conventions and comic cons that are held today, along the way people who were there at the beginning like Jan Vincent Rudski and Jeremy Bentham are interviewed along with writers, script editors, actors, but most of all fans, because this film really is about the fans and the affection that we hold for the show, in fact I would say that this is Blogtor’s love letter to fandom.

What comes across more than anything is the sense of joy in being a fan and being part of something, this really is put across very well by the younger fans, their enthusiasm and love is there for all to see, be it talking about the show, or taking part in cosplay, there is a genuine love and being a Who fan is so much part of their identity, it’s like a badge of honour, much like the United fan wearing a team shirt and scarf for a football match. These young new generation fans really could teach us old timers a thing or two, for them, it’s not about knowing the most obscure fact or how long they have been a fan, it’s purely about celebrating the greatest television programme (pause for Clarkson effect) IN THE WORLD.

Cameron has done a fantastic job putting this together, what is essentially 90 minutes of talking heads is so well edited that the time just flew by, the actors came across as genuine, Neve McIntosh was lovely, Sophie Aldred and Louise Jameson charming as ever and getting mainly fans insight rather than all the old favourite anecdotes was a brave and refreshing move which has worked incredibly well, the fans are a real cross section, none are weirdos or loonies, just joyful, enthusiastic, intelligent, well spoken people who share a common love.

Highly recommended and we can’t wait for the sequel!

A Dewey-eyed and utterly heartwarming 10/10.

Written by Ed Watkinson

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